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At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Jan. 15, Councillors Meed Ward and Dennison brought forth a proposed staff direction to have the Director of Parks and Recreation renegotiate our Dome 1 Joint Venture agreement to provide specific rental hours to two adult soccer leagues who were challenging the exclusivity provision of our Joint Venture agreement with the City. 

As a Joint Venture Partner, the BYSC has exclusive use of the Domes in exchange for paying for all capital costs and operational expenses. This has amounted to more than $5 million of the Club's funds since 2001. The proposed staff direction would have violated our Joint Venture Agreement with the City. Our Executive Director delegated at the meeting on behalf of BYSC and the proposal was defeated 4-3, with Mayor Goldring and Councillors Sharman, Craven and Lancaster supporting the BYSC's position.

As part of that discussion, Mayor Goldring moved to direct the Director of Parks and Recreation to research the demand for a fourth soccer dome and if warranted, bring forward proposals to Council. Councillor Sharman moved to direct the Director of Parks and Recreation to include in the Joint Venture Policy Review consideration of including operating agreements that outline how the community will be served as part of each facility lease agreement. Both motions were carried.

In 2018 the BYSC will fund 7/12 of the turf replacement project under Domes 2 and 3 as part of our Joint Venture agreement.