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The Burlington Youth Soccer Club is committed to the training and development of soccer referees by providing an environment that allows them to maximize their potential within the profession. We offer a multi-tiered program focused on the various levels of soccer offered through Ontario Soccer. These include mini soccer and youth categories. Club programs are focused on the recreational game and the development of fundamental skills for controlling the game.

Opportunities also exist for referees to upgrade their skills to officiate at various competitive levels. Working together with the local district and the OSA, we provide a platform from which referees of all ages can progress through the regional and provincial programs available to them. We encourage all referees to upgrade their skills on a regular basis.

BYSC Referee Development Plan - 2018 Mandatory Sessions

All house league referees are required to attend one of the two sessions.

  1. How to use the registration system. Your profile, how to do your availability.
  2. How to accept or decline games
  3. How to record game statistics
  4. Pregame activity
  5. At home
  6. At the field
  7. Work with coaches – instructions, game sheets, rules
  8. Parents – who is responsible, what do WE do , what if a parent causes problems
  9. Players – check for – captains- coin toss
  10. Physical warms up –
  11. For district referees – discussions with AR’s – duties – responsibilities
  12. fouls, misconducts, time outs, position
  13. Potential problems and how to handle
  14. What to do after the game
  15. Review Law changes
  16. Festivals 

·         All BYSC match officials must attend at least one (1) of the in-class sessions  listed above in order to be eligible to officiate matches in 2018

·         Exception for University/College students: a separate session will be hosted in May to accommodate school schedules.

Law books are no longer provided so you need to download a copy. Please bring materials to take notes and write. 

You can download a copy at: https://www.canadasoccer.com/files/LotG_17_18_EN.pdf?_sp=74e4bd68c3ae925f.1516028707341

Email Andy Murty with the dates you will be attending or if there is a reason you cannot attend one of them.

  If you have any questions about refereeing at the Club, please contact:

Andy Murty

Head Referee