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For School of Soccer Elite GK Program Schedules please click here! 


The private sessions focus entirely on the sole goalkeeper(s). This close interaction allows the coach to directly evaluate the goalkeeper(s) and work on all areas that require improvement. The types of drills and training techniques are designed and performed solely on the needs of the individual(s). In addition, private sessions are intended for faster development and/or to uphold ones maximum fitness level.

Please contact Head GK Coach Dan Pelc at dpelc@burlingtonsoccer.com for rates and staff availability.  


GK coaches will now be available at Sherwood Park F5 on Wednesdays at 6 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm for 30 min sessions. 

This is free for any development player to go to.


The game appearance has been put in place to offer comprehensive goalkeepers (ages 13+) an evaluation of their performance in games. This service offers an appearance by a qualified BYSC GK Staff to closely evaluate a game and provide feedback. Each appearance is supported by an evaluation for review and discussion between the coach and goalkeeper. The key areas of focus are tactics such as reading the play, communication, decision making, set pieces, positioning, etc.  

Please contact Head GK Coach Dan Pelc at dpelc@burlingtonsoccer.com for rates and staff availability. 


Our goalkeeper academy is designed to increase the skill level and knowledge of goalkeeping. Each session will help educate goalkeepers in the technical along with the tactical areas of the position. The training sessions are designed to improve the quality and potential of all goalkeepers. Conclusively, the clinics will most definitely increase the knowledge and skill level of goalkeeping for all participates.