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Concussions are considered the "invisible" injury, since they do not show up on medical imaging tests such as x-rays or CT scans. But they are also considered "invisible" because their effects are often misunderstood. The following resources are designed to help physicians, coaches, parents, and athletes understand and navigate the sometimes difficult process of recovery from concussions. 


What is a Concussion?


Concussion is a brain injury. Any blow to the head, face, neck or to the body that causes a sudden shaking or jarring of the brain inside the skull may cause a concussion. A concussion can result from any number of activities including a collision of heads in soccer, receiving a check in hockey, falling from a jungle gym, bring in a motor vehicle collision or slipping on an icy sidewalk. You do not need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion.


Please review the Pre-Season Concussion Education Sheet as put forth by Parachute Canada for the latest information on concussions. See also: Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport


Concussion Resources:

Concussions 101, a Primer for Kids and Parents - YouTube

Concussion management and return to learn - YouTube

Concussion Ed App

Concussion Videos - BYSC Trainers and Coaches

Concussion Documents

Click on the links below to download the forms:

Player Injury Report Form

EAP Guidelines

Player Code of Conduct 

Return to Sport Communication Tool

Medical Assessment/ Medical Clearance Letter 

On-Field Protocol 2018

Concussion Protocol 2018 

Concussion Assessment Tools:


Berlin Statement on Concussion in Sport:

The Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport provides the most current evidence on sport concussion. There are three related tools: SCAT5 assessment tool, the Child SCAT5, and the CRT5 (Concussion Recognition Tool).

Other Concussion Resources:

Concussion Handbook 

Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out of the Game - An Athlete's Story

Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines (OPHEA)

Rowan's Law:





For more information and concussion resources, please visit Parachute Canada's Concussion Page.